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Staining – Lacquering – Oiling – Foiling

The Decospan lacquering department guarantees a qualitative finishing of your products. You can count on our knowhow and flexibility for a flawless result. Decospan aims only products with the lowest environmental impact. We focus on a minimal emission of volatile organic compounds (VOC) and therefore are using only water-based stains, without harmful solvents. All varnishes are UV PU-ACR coatings without harmful emissions.

The flexible finishing lines allow staining, lacquering or oiling both custom panels as standard veneered panels. We can even lacquer veneered products up to 3600x2100mm in a specially developed lacquering installation.

5 = super matt ±2
10 = matt ±3
20 = satin gloss ±5
30 = silk gloss ±5
>30 = on request  


The application of a layer based on colour pigment guarantees a beautiful finishing where the colour pigment partially penetrates in the fibers while the structure of the wood remains the same. Furthermore, your veneered panels obtain a consistent colour due to our controlled methodology and advanced technologies. Our team of colour specialists can also develop personalized colours. This enormous flexibility ensures that you don’t need to worry about the finishing of your veneered panel (Not possible on Brushed type B2).


Each veneer panel should be treated to protect the surface against damage or stains. Our UV-lacquering installations allow 3 different finishes, depending on the application. The main advantages of UV-hardened varnishes are strength and processability: the finishing coat is dry at one so that the panel can be processed immediately.


UV-oil gives the veneer surface a natural look with a warm, pleasant feeling. This finish retains the structure of the wood and offers a sufficient protection against stains.


To protect the lacquered panels during transport and manipulation in your workshop, you can optionally choose for a protection film.