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"Decospan sees research and development as the key to future growth. An investment rather than an expense. Our branded products are proof of this"

Research & Development

The Decospan group is consciously increasing its investment in research and development. And this has led to some impressive results:

  • The development of formaldehyde-free products (Zero).
  • The development of the patented mix-matching machine that gives sheets of veneer a solid look.
  • Incredible flexibility in the field of staining veneered boards (customised colours from 500 m2).
  • Processing of thicker cut veneer.
  • A brushing technique to give a deeper structure.
  • A patented machine that gives veneer a rustic look (scratching).
  • Development of a machine for lacquering wide panels (2070mm).
  • Certificate of fire class M1 for certain veneer products.

Our laboratory is equipped with the most advanced equipment, which allows us to audit and verify that our raw materials and finished products meet the predefined quality standards and to guarantee our CE certification.

The close collaboration between the marketing, sales and R&D departments creates beautiful products. Our collections are always innovative, and inspiring, without losing the ecological aspect.