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Adding structure

To add to the look and feel of the wood, Decospan can offer different surface options. A third dimension is created with unique effects that allow you to experience the wood with all your senses. Due to continuous investments and technological developments Decospan can offer different surface operations.


By brushing the wood the structure and relief are more visible. Depending on your request you can choose between light brushing (type B1) or heavy brushing (type B2).

Brushing type B1 = With this technique, the softer summer wood is lightly brushed while the hard winter wood is preserved. This creates a contrast both optically and sensible.

Brushing type B2 = with this advanced technique all areas of the wood are heavily brushed. This results in a surface with an extra 3D structure. This technique can be applied on veneer > 1 mm and is always to be done on both sides.


The trend towards recognizable, natural characteristics is also remarkable in the interior building. Thanks to the Decospan scratching techniques the surface of a veneered panel gets a rough sawn structure and a solid look.

Decospan can create band saw effects on the surface using a special procedure. Our advanced skill even allows us to make different patterns. These patterns can be applied onesided and to all veneer thicknesses.

Available dimensions
Max. length: 3.050 mm
Max. width: 1.240 mm