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Quality grades for wood veneer

Determining the right quality is very important. Proper agreements mean satisfied customers, which is why we are pleased to tell you about the various visual quality aspects of our jointed sheets. They will let you make the best choice for any project, depending on the application and the budget.


This grade only uses exceptional and unusual logs. Their dimensions, quality or a specific defect makes them special. You can select these unique pieces for a particular project, letting the whole log tell the story. Decospan makes every effort to find out the origin and story of each log for you. We therefore recommend that you come and look at these logs in person.


  • Striking and well-defined grain
  • Clear colour and structure
  • Veneer that is excellent for decorative use
  • Small, scarcely noticeable character traits are tolerated

These are uniform trunks of a pure quality, with successive batches of veneers processed for their visual quality. The panels are numbered so that they can be used successively to let the patterning progress smoothly. In other words, the pattern gradient is continuous. They can be crown cut or quarter cut, using unblemished logs with an attractive design and structure. These are processed into at least three batches of veneer.

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  • Structure with less texture
  • Slight colour variations are allowed
  • Small knots in the wood
  • Half crown cut may occur

This is the classic variant, which is more than good enough in most circumstances. It is pure wood veneer, with a number of characteristics that are specific to the wood and are in no way disruptive to the appearance. You can expect a certain similarity in the wood patterns here, but not to the same degree as for Architectural.

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  • Small, centred knots
  • Less emphasis on structure
  • Larger and more prominent knots
  • Discoloration
  • Mineral streaks

This grade produces boards with more expression and more of the typical properties of the wood. These panels have a less regular structure with colour nuances, smaller series, and more knots. The trump card for these panels is their favourable pricing.

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Premium Service

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