Decospan presents new video ‘A World Full of Favorite Places’

Decospan presents new video ‘A World Full of Favorite Places’

Following the 40th anniversary of Decospan, the company created a new mood film: "A World Full of Favorite Places." A video about living in the moment. Sharing moments with people and places that make you happy. Places that you can create yourself with natural elements.

In today's instant world you let yourself be guided. You are guided by information that is always available everywhere. You are always available yourself. Your living your life digitally through a screen. According to Decospan there is another reality: a world full of favorite places.

Places that inspire, comfort, define us and make you feel at home. In those places you don't want fake but natural elements. In that world you enjoy and live every moment. You think about what's now instead of rushing into what's next. And you can create that world yourself.

Your interior reflects your personality. It makes you feel at home where you experience unique moments. Moments that are synonymous with warmth and cosiness. Warmth and cosiness that you create by integrating wood into your interior.

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