Decospan, Woodstoxx and Avanco raise € 27,000 for ZIBI’s Tree House

For ‘De Warmste Week’ (the Warmest Week*), Decospan, Woodstoxx and Avanco joined forces for ZIBI’s Tree House. The three companies in Kortrijk sold charity trees which the people themselves could plant on a pleasant family day. Thousands of sympathizers came to the event and the initiative raised no less than € 27,000.

What did we do? Selling trees for charity. You could also plant the purchased trees on a cozy family day, which included a Christmas market. The tree planting event on Sunday 15 December was a great success. Thousands of sympathizers gathered on the Avanco grounds to plant a tree with their warmest wishes. The warmest forest is now growing in Greater Kortrijk.

The tree sale proceeds go entirely to charity, being ZIBI’s Treehouse. This is a project that the three companies are realizing together with AZ Groeninge. The tree house will be a therapy room, in the healthy outdoors, in order to better inform children about their illness or that of a family member.

* an annual innitiative from the Belgian radio station Studio Brussel to encourage people to raise money for charity

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