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Earth Day: 4 facts why wood provides life, both literally and metaphorically

Today Earth Day marks 50 years. On this day we want to make everyone aware of how important the earth is to us and why we need to take good care of nature. One of our core values is respect. Respect for people and for our planet. And it all starts with our main raw material, wood veneer, which we treat with the highest respect. So today we’d like to spend a moment on how you and our Wood Solutions philosophy contributes to our planet.


Using wood combats climate change

Using wood is one of the simplest ways of combating climate change. Increased use of wood gives forests a market value. This serves as an important incentive to conserve them. If you choose wood, you give life to the environment and forests, to the future, to sustainable forestry, to the economy and to creativity. Choosing wood is a sustainable choice in both the short and the long term, because wood provides life, both literally and metaphorically.

Wood is a renewable material

Interiors and products made from wood can be reused and recycled. This way, a large volume of CO2 remains stored for a longer period. Next to that, you also contribute to stop the use of other - non-renewable - materials.

By the way, did you know that our Querkus Vintage collection uses old beams that we upcycled? At Decospan, for example, we even use our waste wood to bring our machinery up to the right temperature.

30% of the remaining energy we need, is generated by our own solar panels, which are installed on the roofs of our production sites. We also invested in two wind turbines and we aim to manufacture products with the lowest impact on the environment.

Wood needs to breathe

Younger trees can extract CO2 from the air and incorporate it into their biomass more quickly than mature ones. That’s why Decospan only selects mature trees from carefully chosen suppliers who manage forests sustainably and adequately in order to maximize the health of the forest and CO2 capture.

It goes without saying that Decospan is certified for FSC® (FSC-C095327) and PEFCTM, but we go the extra mile. We created our own Pure Wood Charter, which all our suppliers need to sign and comply with. This how we put our sustainable vision into practice.

Wood boosts creativity

Wood is far more than just a raw material when used in new construction concepts, in art, in trend-setting and classic furniture and in countless other examples of human ingenuity and creativity. Wood gets people thinking and innovating. Wood inspires designers, engineers, architects, artists and scientists.

At Decospan more than 700 colleagues share the same passion for wood veneer. The close collaboration between all our departments creates beautiful wood products. Our high-quality solutions are innovative and inspiring, but always bear in mind the ecological aspect and the convenience in our clients’ lives.

Do you want to know more about our sustainability policy? Check this link.

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