Decospan launches Infinite Wood. Discover infinite perfection, with wood.

Examine our DNA ...and you’ll find sheer character!

“Be brave, be bold, be you.” That neatly sums up what Decospan expects from its employees. In other words, if you are ambitious, confident about your abilities and looking for a top-quality employer who will give you every opportunity to grow, then we’re a great match! Our message is accompanied by an eye-catching campaign in which we let our unique characters take centre stage.

Characters make it at Decospan

Decospan intends to attract new talent who have mettle through this clear pledge. “The times in which only applicants had to show their best side are long gone”, explained Hannelore Cousssement, Head of Recruitment. “These days, if you want to attract the right talent as a company, you also have to show what you can offer as an employer. In our new employer branding campaign, we want to show that Decospan is also a leading brand when it comes to jobs.” Before we started the campaign, we undertook in-depth research and closely examined our identity.

Discover Decospan’s DNA

In order to present yourself credibly with an image that hits the mark, as an employer you need to know what makes your company unique. “To distil our DNA, we had a study carried out by an employer branding agency”, said Hannelore Coussement. “The agency talked casually with people in all our departments, from production to the office, with a single purpose, namely to discover our main characteristics.” What did it reveal? Decospan is a tight-knit family with drive where everyone has a place and can be themselves. What about that Monday morning feeling? For us, this feels like coming home.

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No shy and retiring types

One word also repeatedly cropped up from the conversations with our employees: character. People with character, a large number of characters, a product that exudes character, etc. “Decospan is not a company staffed by shy and retiring types, but rather people who have mettle, who are go-getters and doers and who rapidly put every conflict into perspective and move on. Preferably, together after work over a pint”, added Hanelore. “Our wide range of strong characters is the glue that makes us Decospan and that ultimately leads to a top-quality product that is full of character – our veneer.” 

A little bit of us

To show the outside world who we are, we gave ten very different members of the Decospan team makeovers as models. They took part in a photoshoot that showed their photogenic sides to turn them into the distinctive faces for our new campaign. The employer campaign was initially launched internally on large banners and the response was immensely positive. “It’s a little bit of us and everyone immediately recognises themselves as everyone was also involved with it”, said Hannelore Coussement. “The campaign now includes podcasts and video reports in which employees tell their stories. We have also launched a community-driven magazine, entitled “Karakters” (Characters). In this way, employees will always be tuned in with everything going on inside the company.”

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Decospan is looking for characters

 Do you have a straightforward mentality?
 Do you enjoy being among a large number of personalities?
 Do you have what it takes to jump in, choose your own path and above all be yourself?

Then you too can make it at Decospan.
Take the plunge and become one of our unique characters and help us shape the future of Decospan!

Check our vacancies and apply today!

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