Visit Decospan at Batibouw 2020

Decospan comes to Batibouw with the strongest wooden floor ever. With the new Parky, Decospan wipes the floor with laminate, vinyl and solid floors at Batibouw. The Wood Solutions expert brings a completely new wooden floor to the market that offers a perfect answer to the demand for a strong, maintenance-friendly and sustainable wooden floor.

Visit us at booth 315 in palace 6.

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Parky: the strongest wooden floor

Parky is a multi-layer veneer-wood flooring that distinguishes itself by the real wooden top layer. Because it is good to live on wood. And with the new Parky, living on wood is also easy to maintain.

How? Well, the new Titanium finish applies no less than 8 strong, invisible layers of varnish. This makes Parky a powerhouse against scratches and ready for intensive use. Indeed, this wooden floor claims its place in class 33. 

Let’s quickly mop this room or oops, did I just knock over a glass? Thanks to the new lacquer and the Aqua Sealing Complete system, moisture and bacteria no longer stand a chance. Every board’s surface, including groove, is made water-resistant.

And that's not all. By combining a super matt top varnish with a deeper brush technique, the wood comes alive even more. And as always, Parky remains the most sustainable choice in wooden flooring.

Thanks to its versatility, Parky can be easily integrated into a modern as well as a rural interior. Our floors are available in 7 wood species, 24 colors and in board or pattern. Four styles are offered in the Oak series: premium, select, rustic light and rustic nature. If you fancy a Parky floor with a twist, make sure to check the Walnut series and Character Woods, which offer Cotton Triba, Jatoba, Bamboo, Teak and Rosewood Santos.

Quickly lay a mop or oops knock over a glass? Thanks to the Aqua Sealing Complete system, moisture and bacteria no longer stand a chance. Every plank surface, including groove, is made water-resistant.

Cabbani Bohemia: pure craftmanship

Cabbani has been a quality reference within the parquet world for more than 25 years. The à la carte system is unique to this Decospan brand. You choose your parquet completely according to your wishes in just 5 steps. The Decospan group produces all oak floors in Europe. With the new ESCO site that was taken over, it now also offers a beautiful Bohemia collection. 

Cabbani Bohemia consists of 6 colors which are available in 2 supports, 3 board sizes and 3 styles. It is a special collection where we naturally age the floor through traditional techniques. This gives your room a unique vintage character. One of those techniques is, for example, smoking the raw oak boards. As a result, the top layer darkens and the grain pattern opens more. The result? A high-quality European parquet with a wide range of hues thanks to the lighter and darker shades.

Choosing Cabbani Bohemia flooring is choosing a unique quality parquet floor as no two are alike. 

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