Wood beats vinyl - Domotex review

Wood beats vinyl, a statement that did not go unnoticed

Domotex was an important kick-off for the expert in Wood Solutions. One thing is sure, the rebranded Parky exceeded expectations.

Wood beats vinyl. That statement could be read on a white giant cube that pulled visitors into the Parky revolution. Inside, Domotex briefly turned yellow and you read the story of the renewed, sustainable veneer flooring. The secret? The invisible 8-layer varnish called Titanium. This makes the top layer so strong and water-resistant that Parky claims its place in class 33. The super matt finish and new brush technique allow you to feel the natural grains and patterns of the wood.

Decospan clearly continues to innovate and invest. In doing so, Cabbani, the à la carte parquet, launched a third collection: Cabbani Bohemia. This collection is the result of Decospan and ESCO joining forces. By acquiring the Czech company, Decospan is taking the business to the next level and gains ground in its range of Wood Solutions.

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