Wood fits into any interior. Light or dark wood, a floor, a wall, a ceiling or compartmentalized with slats. At Decospan, we don't just believe that wood makes living and working interiors more beautiful and warmer. It also improves the quality of life.

You probably don’t associate the words ‘penthouse’ and ‘London’ with a quiet, cosy and quiet atmosphere. And yet, the team behind this gorgeous project managed to pull off precisely the stylish cocooning vibe the clients had in mind. The result is an authentic living space featuring an ultra-modern and sleek look that exudes warmth at the same time.

Nature in the home
Oak always adds a touch of nature to the home, which is inherently calming. Its a natural material that seamlessly combines with a minimalist design. To cut down on visual clutter, for example, the TV has been cleverly embedded in the hardy wood. The material itself is a statement, making wall decorations completely unnecessary.

Oak veneer with a past
For the veneer panels in the London penthouse, Matrix Bau went for Querkus Vintage Original Hoboken, which are made from repurposed and upcycled materials. Oak Vintage Original only relies on genuine aged oak beams that have served in trains and other constructions for decades. It’s veneer with a rich history.

Authentic look
Querkus panels are available in a variety of thicknesses and finishes. Choosing the perfect Querkus panel for you is easy; just follow the three steps online. Start by choosing the look of your Querkus veneer panel. Then choose veneer thickness. The last step is ‘touch’, where you decide between various surface treatments that bring out the wood design and grain structure. That gives the panels an extra authentic look.

Would you like to incorporate authentic veneer panels in upcycled oak?
Order your Querkus Vintage Original samples from our online shop. 

A London oasis of tranquillity with reclaimed oak

A contemporary London penthouse that instantly makes you forget the hustle and bustle of the metropolis below – That was the concept behind the project, and Pieter Brons-Harper and the Matrix Bau builders knocked it out of the park. The toasty warmth of the oak veneered panels immediately evokes a homely feeling.



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