Wood fits into any interior. Light or dark wood, a floor, a wall, a ceiling or compartmentalized with slats. At Decospan, we don't just believe that wood makes living and working interiors more beautiful and warmer. It also improves the quality of life.

A Total Wood Solution as a source of inspiration in Antwerp

The inspiration port of Antwerp is here! The Hub is a real-life material library and meeting place for designers and architects.

Together with the 13 other partners, we have created a place where manufacturers, brands and materials come together. The aim of The Hub is to better understand and approach architects and thus be able to offer total solutions.

The first thing to do was to create a wow effect where all the partners are represented as much as possible. For this purpose, products and brands were put together to find the perfect combination. After brainstorming, the veneers for this project were determined, each for its own specific reason.

Warm wood
The Smoked Eucalyptus and the Imbuia are two warm types of wood. The colour of Imbuia can vary, which makes this wood species very unique each time. The spint alternates between a yellow and grey-brown colour, with the heartwood lying more between yellow-brown, olive-brown and chocolate-brown. A typical characteristic of this type of wood is the leather-like streaks in the veneer. This special wood type can be found on the impressive 14-metre long table. The veneer used has been jointed in open book and also mirrored head-on.

Eucalyptus is the second veneer type and at the same time a very sustainable choice. Smoking the Eucalyptus to its core creates black accents which alternate with chocolate brown accents. In this way, the core-smoked Eucalyptus expresses warmth and cosiness, the ideal match for the space above the bar where these two characteristics were important.

Add a little bit of SPICE
With the Louro Faia and the Rosewood Santos we created real eye-catchers in the rooms. Louro Faia is a South-African wood specie with a red-brown core. What is remarkable about this type of wood is the mirror pattern that can be seen.

The red-brown colour of Rosewood Santos can be compared to Louro Faia, but this wood specie has a lot more spice and character.

Both veneers are used as a Decoflex, a flexible veneer sheet, jointed in open book.

Combining makes perfect
Besides the many custom-made wood types, Decospan brands have also been used within The Hub. For example, an entire room was created in the same coloured oak, Ivory Oak. With the veneered beams from Astrata, the acoustic veneered panels from Woodcoustics and the ready-made panels from Shinnoki, we were able to create a beautiful whole here. With this, we also show the possibility of matching the brands in terms of colour in a simple manner. 

Next to Ivory Oak, the popular colours Querkus Allegro and Adagio have also been used in places in The Hub. As you can see, the choices and possibilities within Decospan are endless. So come and discover them in The Hub in Antwerp or Ghent or drop by our showroom in Menen.

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