Wood fits into any interior. Light or dark wood, a floor, a wall, a ceiling or compartmentalized with slats. At Decospan, we don't just believe that wood makes living and working interiors more beautiful and warmer. It also improves the quality of life.

Open-plan office spaces shared by people working, chatting, and ringing customers up is hardly conducive to concentration. In fact, it can be the cause of considerable stress and fatigue. And that’s why an increasing number of companies are providing separate office spaces for employees to work in utter silence or to meet in small groups. Volvo Trucks was on the lookout for precisely that kind of solution for their Ghent site.

Sound-absorbing silent pods
Architectural firm Studio Fraan opted for small units arranged as isolated office spaces; each has an independent light and ventilation sensor system. These silent pods are soundproofed to ensure that nothing disturbs the oasis of peace and privacy – or productivity. What’s even more convenient is that the pods can easily be disassembled and relocated without a trace, i.e. no damage to the previous surface.

Elegant birch finish
The furniture and outer surfaces of the pods are clad in pale birch veneer panelling. The lightness and natural purity of the Nordus Snow Birch panels infuse the office units with a serene, Scandinavian vibe. It’s the perfect style for a contemporary, elegant, and professional finish.

Snug but not claustrophobic
Inside, the pods have been upholstered in soft grey PETAC® acoustic fabric. The wool felt panels lock out sound and create a cosy cocoon feel. The large windows prevent these small office spaces from becoming claustrophobic and allow employees to maintain visual contact with their colleagues outside. So, talking is out, but you can smile and wave.

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Silent, focused work in birchwood office cocoons

Volvo Trucks Ghent had pods – small acoustic office spaces – installed so that their employees would have a retreat where they could work in silence. The outer walls and furniture are clad in pale blond birch veneer for a calming natural feel.

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