Wood fits into any interior. Light or dark wood, a floor, a wall, a ceiling or compartmentalized with slats. At Decospan, we don't just believe that wood makes living and working interiors more beautiful and warmer. It also improves the quality of life.

There is nothing to remind us of the old-fashioned offices of the past in the former Electrabel towers in Antwerp. Having been totally renovated, the building is now called the WATT Tower - also with a knowing wink - and the rooms are furnished in a trendy and stylish way. Metis Lawyers was one of the first companies to move in. The law firm collaborated with BBSC Architects and had the interior finished to perfection by De Laere Decor.

Sleek design interior with special elements of wood
The result is more than successful. The abundant white of the walls, the ceilings and the screed flooring is counterbalanced by the black of the sleek designer lighting, the window frames and the designer furniture and chairs. In addition, a number of walls, desks and vertical and horizontal beam structures have been finished off in a warm, reddish-brown and very striking wood species: Palissander Santos.

Tropical veneers
Palissander Santos is a tropical, unusual type of wood with a very pronounced pattern. That is why you can create real eye-catchers with it. The Palissander veneer at Metis Lawyers was included in the ‘open book’ manner. The veneer strips are mirrored two by two, so that the variation in the image of the tree is clearly visible. This is the most commonly used jointing method for Palissander Santos, as it shows off the special pattern of the wood to its best.

The scent of rosewood
Did you know that rosewood is not just special to look at? Many types of rosewood have a characteristic rose scent, both fresh and dried. Hence the English name of ‘Rosewood’.

Are you contemplating creating a new interior with elements in Palissander Santos?
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Warmth and class in a new law firm

Those who are familiar with the Netflix series ‘Suits’ will certainly be immersed in that luxurious atmosphere of the series when entering the offices of Metis Lawyers. And that’s not a coincidence, because the clients were definitely fans of such a nod to the ‘classy’ interiors from the famous series about lawyers. Read: a chic design style with a warm appearance.



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