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Dark veneer, a recurring design feature in Konvert’s head office

The head office of HR Recruiter Konvert is punctuated throughout by design features in Afrormosia. This African wood species is a lush, rich brown with a warm glow that radiates style. Architectural firm Goddeeris and De Laere Decor did a bang-up job on this project.



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A head office is like a companys calling card, which is why Konvert wanted to be sure its head office in Kortrijk was impeccably finished. By having the striking Afrormosia appear throughout the building as a recurring element, the project team created a distinct, harmonious style.

Slatted veneer panels improve acoustics
It’s impossible not to notice. As soon as you enter the Konvert foyer, you’re confronted with an impressive, regal wall clad in Afrormosia veneer. The vertical slats don’t just look beautiful; they also improve the acoustics of the high-ceilinged, open space. After all, your conversation at the information desk isnt anyones business but your own.

Visual unity
The warm, dark colour of the wood contrasts beautifully with the dove grey terrazzo tile floors, soft grey carpeting, white grid ceilings, and white-painted walls throughout the building. The restrained colour palette featured throughout creates an elegant and supremely welcoming visual unity. Customers always feel welcomed in style.

The natural look of solid wood
The Afrormosia veneer in the building has been jointed with the mix-matched technique. With this jointing technique, the veneer strips are jointed randomly to produce a natural-looking interplay of textures and colours. Ultimately, the veneer looks like genuine solid planks. What’s more, the continuous surface with alternating panels creates visual cohesion and calm. Thats a significant bonus for large surface areas like those in the Konvert office.

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