Decoply is a veneer sheet that comprises two or three layers of wood veneer with base layers of the same wood type or of a cheaper alternative. The unique structure of Decoply allows for brushing or sandblasting.

tek decoply big nr 1557751410
  1. TOP LAYER: The selected look
    (wood type, slicing method, jointing technique, quality)
  2. Multiple veneer layers: Choise between 2-ply or 3ply.


This product consists of 2 sheets of laminated veneer. In general, the backing veneer is of the same wood type but in a lower grade.

This 2-PLY can be lightly sandblasted or heavily brushed.

tek decoply 2 ply


As the grain of the wood runs in the same direction, this produces a beautifully continuous surface ideal for sandblasting.

For grooving only, we recommend choosing the option ALONG-ACROSS-ALONG. In such a sheet, the tension is more evenly distributed, making the product even more stable.

tek decoply 3 ply

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