The Decospan finishing station can add various finishings to the veneer product. There are three options: brushing, band sawing and ageing.

To add to the look and feel of the wood, Decospan can offer different surface options. A third dimension is created with unique effects that allow you to experience the wood with all your senses. Due to continuous investments and technological developments Decospan can offer different surface operations.


Brushing the wood highlights its structure and relief. Depending on your preferences, you can choose between light brushing (type B1) or heavy brushing (type B2). There is also an alternative to sandblasting (type B3).

Band sawing

The trend towards recognisable, natural characteristics is also applied in the interior building. Decospan’s scratching techniques lend an authentic rough sawn structure and a solid wood look to the surface of a veneered panel. A special finishing process gives the veneer surface a band saw effect.


Finally, an aged look can be created by random hammer beating.

<strong>Distressed</strong><br/>type D1

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