Slicing and jointing techniques

The appearance of the veneer sheet is determined by the way we slice the wood and join the pieces together. The 3 most frequently used slicing methods are:

Crown Cut

Flame pattern by cutting through the heart of the log.


Regular Cut

Straight-grained, cut at right angles to the growth rings.


Rift Cut

Straight-grained pattern by rotating the tree around its axis, cutting perpendicular to the growth rings under a certain angle.

Jointing techniques

Using advanced technology, we are able to join the sliced wood into a veneer sheet. The images below show the different techniques that we apply. This allows you to decide on the final look and feel of your panel. You can make the optimal choice for your application. Whatever you choose: real wood is always unique and gives your project that extra character.

Book matched

This is the standard jointing method. The sliced strips of veneer wood are jointed mirrored, two by two. This technique clearly shows the pattern variations of the tree in the jointed sheet.

Wood species: American Walnut
Slicing technique: CROWN CUT
Jointing technique: BOOK MATCHED

foto voegwijze boek noten dosse

Slip matched

The veneer strips are matched one after the other and then jointed. This is the recommended jointing technique if the veneer should be stained. As all strips have the same side up, there is no colour difference between the strips

Wood species: American Walnut
Slicing technique: CROWN CUT
Jointing technique: SLIP MATCHED

foto voegwijze geschoven noten dosse

Reverse slip matched

The veneer is more evenly spread throughout the veneer sheet due to the head-to-head combination.

Wood species: American Walnut
Slicing technique: CROWN CUT
Jointing technique: REVERSE SLIP MATCHED

foto voegwijze gedraaid geschoven noten dosse

"The selected jointing technique is the main factor in the look and feel of your project. It influences the ambiance of the project."


Mix-matched is literally what it says: mixing and matching. The veneer strips are jointed randomly with variations in colour and structure, creating an interesting yet cohesive effect. Mix-matched is the veneer alternative for the plank effect of solid wood. It is possible to create a mix of both crown cut and quarter cut, or use crown cut only or quarter cut only.

Wood species

Slicing techniques

Jointing techniques

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