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Decospan aims to make wood veneer products more accessible by taking the finishing further. We add value so that you can easily convert them into the desired end products. In fact, we make it just as easy to use veneered panels as melamine panels.

A sustainable business model

But quality isn’t everything. At Decospan, we make efforts every day to reduce our impact on the environment and our ultimate aim is to neutralise that footprint entirely. That is a high priority for us and we have developed a sustainable business model to achieve it:

  • To start with, we try to purchase wood from well-managed forests. We check the source of our veneer wood through our PURE WOOD charter or via an official certification body such as FSC® or PEFC.
  • We also aim for CO2-neutral production. Today we are already
    generating 30% of our energy from our solar panels. Besides we
    invested in wind energy facilities in the local industrial zone. We also
    use our waste wood to heat our machinery and production premises.
  • Finally, we manufacture products that have the least possible impact on the environment and that can be easily recycled at the end of their life.

We give this vision concrete form by giving all our staff professional training. This way, everyone at Decospan can help with ideas in our quest for sustainability and quality.