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What is Decoply?

Decoply is a veneer sheet that comprises two or three layers of wood veneer. The leaves make a sturdy sheet that is still very flexible. Decoply can be glued onto any kind of base and is therefore very suitable to manufacture doors or other furniture components. Furthermore, the furniture components can, due to the unique construction of the Decoply, be sandblasted.

1Top layer: Veneer sheet chosen

2Multiple veneer layers: choise between 2-ply or 3ply.


For this product type, two sheets of veneer are glued together. The backing veneer is generally a lower-quality grade of the same type of wood.

2x lengthwise

This 2-PLY can be gently sanded or heavily brushed.


3x lengthwise

Because the grain of the wood runs in the same direction, you get a nicely continuous surface that is ideal for sanding.

Along - Across - Along 

If you are only intending to cut grooves, it is better to choose the ALONG - ACROSS - ALONG variant. The tensions are better distributed in that type of sheet, making the product even more stable.