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Wood O2 - Hout geeft zuurstof

Decospan also supports the initiative by the sector federation Fedustria to promote the use of wood products. The emphasis in this campaign is on the 'sustainability' of wood as a raw material. The text below gives a very good explanation of the contribution wood makes to the environment in the course of its lifecycle. When combined with sustainable forestry management, this gives wood an excellent future as a raw material.

Using a simple calculator you can calculate the CO2 storage of products existing of one wood specie as well as of multiple wood species. It takes also into account the wood(fibers) in different types of panels. Discover the amount of oxygen your project gives on www.houtgeeftzuurstof.be

Oxygen for the environment

Our forests are the planet's green lungs. Trees are able to absorb carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere and then convert that carbon into wood. This process releases oxygen. The carbon that is stored during the tree's growth process is also maintained in the subsequent wood products, throughout their entire life.

Oxygen for the future

Wood and products made from wood can be reused and recycled when they come to the end of their lifecycle. This way, a large volume of carbon remains stored for a long period. What is more, this avoids the use of other - non-renewable - materials.

Oxygen for forestry

Increased use of wood gives forests a market value, which serves as an important incentive to conserve them. Using wood is one of the simplest ways of combating climate change. If you choose wood, you are opting for the environment and forests, for the future, for a sustainable economy and for creativity. Choosing wood is a sustainable choice in both the short and the long term, because wood provides oxygen.

Oxygen for creative people

Wood is far more than just a raw material when used in new construction concepts, in art, in trend-setting and classic furniture and in countless other examples of human ingenuity and creativity. Wood gets people thinking and innovating. Wood inspires designers, engineers, architects, artists and scientists.

Oxygen for the economy

More than 20,000 people are employed on a daily basis in the Belgian wood processing and furniture industry (figures for 2010, Fedustria). They make sustainable products and also enable other economic activities. Incidentally, more than 2.4 million people are employed in the wood processing sector in the 27 EU countries (figures for 2010, Cei Bois).