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What is Decoveneer?

Decoveneer is the product group of jointed or spliced veneer. From 100 identical units and more, Decospan will joint any veneer according to the customer's specifications.

This product group is mainly manufactured in our subsidiary in Croatia which employs 250 staff to meet customer's demands quickly. The main wood species which are jointed there are oak, beech, ash (all three are available with FSC label) and birch. Our other 165 wood species can also be jointed upon request. Decospan splices its veneer with glue or thread.

We are now also specialised in splicing thicker veneer and more specifically oak. These can be offered in the following thicknesses: 1, 1.5 and 2 mm.

Defining the quality up front is extremely important to ensure that the product meets the expected requirements. Good communication is key.

With a stock of 1,000,000 m² pre-sorted veneer we can meet the needs of our customers very fast. All our veneer is inspected by our quality control team after splicing and then carefully packed. Packaging can also be produced according to the customer's special specifications.