Choose the opportunity to combine our brands in your interior projects.

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The harmony between wall solutions, ceilings and wooden floors creates a sense of peace and tranquility.

Our brands each possess their unique character and applications, yet they seamlessly blend together. Our solutions are all created in-house, and can be effortlessly aligned with the different components of your project. As a result, the flooring, wall and ceiling elements form a cohesive and unified whole.

Total wood solutions

Ask interior architect Aurélie Penneman and installer Korneel Benoit who delivered a haven of peace and unity in Villa Leiebos. Natural materials in a minimalist interior are at the core, with Shinnoki and Astrata Slats as a perfect match. 

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The possibilities are extensive and our various brands can be combined to achieve a unified result.

  • Oak - Oak meeting room - meeting room - Shinnoki - Cabbani - veneer floor - veneer - parquet - oak parquet - Parky
    Shinnoki, Parky & Cabbani Ivory Oak
  • inside of an office building with wood veneer paneling and glass windows
    Afrormosia custom-made slats
  • bathroom with marble sinks and wooden veneer slats
    Infinite Wood Corvus Ebony custom-made Slats