Urbain Desmet established Decospan.


The second generation steps into the family business. 


The third generation takes the reins with a new focus on brand strategy and a proactive approach towards target customers. 

A family business first and foremost, Decospan realises that the real value of the company lies in its people. Praising individuality and allowing team members to remain true to themselves, is the perfect recipe for a warm and inviting working environment.  

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The passion for wood goes beyond the founding family Desmet and is shared by all employees.  Other shared values include honesty and respect, an entrepreneurial spirit and a sustainable mindset. An eye for excellence, transformation and innovation are also held in high regard. Employees are encouraged to speak up and take initiative, which is enforced through a simplified organisational hierarchy and short communication lines.  

Our values
Decospan - werken bij Decospan - work Decospan

  • Belgium256
  • Croatia290
  • Czech Republic140
  • France95
  • Portugal84
  • Rest of world10

Hard work is rewarded with recognition and appreciation. There is room for personal growth and development through an extensive training programme. Employees are invited to participate in a variety of different activities, such as cooking workshops or sport initiations. Or they can simply blow off some steam in the exclusive Decospan gym. 

These values and people-first mindset have helped Decospan become the European market leader it is today, offering solid opportunities to all those willing to take the leap. 

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Decospan - werken bij Decospan - work Decospan