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Shinnoki is Decospan’s recognition of the magnificence of trees and the natural world. Each panel is a homage to wood and craftsmanship, combining tradition, modern technology, and attention to detail. It is nature at its finest.

Shinnoki offers a curated collection of contemporary, classic tones that will effortlessly fit any palette or style that your project requires.

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With its enhanced finish, Shinnoki is now more versatile than ever before, allowing you to use them for a wider range of applications, including table tops for both residential and commercial use.​ Experience the advantages of Shinnoki for yourself and elevate your design to the next level.​

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a man standing in a hoodie with benoit written on it
Korneel Benoit

Wood carpenter

“Shinnoki has already won its place in our projects because of its easy availability and outstanding quality. The product is coated with a robust varnish and is also pre-finished, which saves us considerable time.”