Decospan shines a spotlight on its company values

From now on, our production site on Lageweg will look slightly different. As part of Decospan’s vision to make its offices as pleasant as possible, the specialist in wood solutions has decided to shine a spotlight on its company values. The photo-realistic wall mural was created over the course of 2 weeks and showcases graffiti art from the 21st century. Moreover, the wall art also depicts the values that you can find in the company’s culture and DNA. Watch the time lapse video below to find out more about this great story.

A butterfly symbolising transformation

Although this is not directly a company value, it typifies Decospan and all of its employees. For instance, we want to constantly reinvent ourselves so that we can keep up with the latest trends, technologies and materials. Every day we get the opportunity to emerge as the best version of ourselves. That’s why we’re ready to shine when we arrive at work in the mornings.


dsc00187 1


Did you know that the arctic fox is almost extinct in Scandinavia? There are only around 100 of them left in the wild. For this reason, we aim to create products that have the lowest possible impact on the environment. We work with a natural and renewable material, which is why we also use wood in a sustainable manner. This sustainable vision is at the centre of our sustainability policy. You can read more about this here.


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Beavers live in family groups and together they build the strongest possible dam. Together as one team, we achieve our shared goal of offering the highest-quality wood interior solutions. Everyone who works at Decospan is a doer who is committed to achieving this. In everything we do, only the best is good enough.


dsc00166 1


As the motto goes, ‘be bold, be brave’. We have an appetite to tackle matters head on and make things happen. We also take the necessary risks to achieve this. Furthermore, we identify opportunities and we set clear goals. In this way, we hone in on our target just like an eagle.


dsc00165 1

Passion for wood

As true craftspeople, we share the same passion with all our colleagues, namely a passion for wood. We enthuse everyone in and around the company with this passion. As a market-focused lifestyle company, we think together with all our partners and clients in order to offer them total solutions. Our dream is that everyone will be able to simply integrate this noble product into their daily living environment.


dsc00162 1

Respect and honesty

Decospan has been a dedicated family-run company for three generations, and that provides us with certain insights and knowledge. We attribute this wisdom to two basic values: honesty and respect. Not only for our products, but also for our people, our clients and suppliers, and all other stakeholders. We treat everyone with the same immense respect that we treat our base material, wood. We also expect that respect to be mutual. This is how we are able to build long-term relationships.


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