The natural beauty of veneer breathes warmth and elegance. More than any other material, wood equals a timeless look: its charm and unique character elevate spaces to their highest potential. Durable, versatile and crafted to fit different design styles, our furniture and wall panel solutions are designed for a purpose: creating a world of favorite places.

Making choices is never easy. Our brands support you in choosing a style to suit specific tastes and personalities. No matter how they differ, they all share the same promise: a passion for the product, resulting in high-quality and innovative applications.

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We are here to assist you further. In fact, we offer made-to-measure furniture panels that can be tailored to your exact specifications and preferences. Our team works closely together with you to achieve the desired result, ensuring a precise fit for your project.

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We proudly launched the new enhanced Shinnoki collection: a renewed collection of our beloved brand that brings class and performance to the next level.

Choose from our prefinished wood veneer panels featuring 18 looks, each exuding a unique charm and contemporary class, with a super matte look and a varnished finish that’s soft to the touch.

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