With deep-rooted expertise in the wood industry, Decospan also has the necessary know-how in the production of wood flooring. Our offer ranges from beautiful veneer parquet to solid floors.

Thanks to our flexible production system, we can quickly adjust and set different parameters according to your specific requirements, such as plank size, wood selection, type of carrier, thickness of the top layer, finishing in oil or varnish, etc.

We will guide you through the different choices you have to make to create your dream floor.

You have a choice between a solid wooden floor, constructed from a single wooden plank, or an engineered floor. The latter consists of a wooden top layer available in different thicknesses.

We provide veneer flooring with a top layer of 0.6 mm, as well as wooden floors with thicker top layers ranging from 2.5 to 5.5 mm.

For an engineered floor, you then need to select the appropriate core material. There are several options to choose from: HDF, birch plywood or pine. Due to the floor's layered composition, it is fully compatible with underfloor heating.

Wooden flooring
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Wood species

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Plank dimensions


The appearance of your wooden floor is largely determined by the wood species you choose for the top layer. Decospan has a vast collection of wood species, each with its own uniqueness and character.

In our veneer catalogue, you can choose from more than 100 wood species if you opt for a veneer floor. 

Veneer bible

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When choosing oak wood flooring, you also need to determine the grading to influence your visual look. You can choose from several options, ranging from a pure, sleek quality to a very rustic look with a more rural character.​

The pattern of your choice also has a strong influence on the final look. Choosing the classic laying method creates a totally different vibe within your house when comparing it to patterned floors: the herringbone pattern,  the Hungarian point or Versailles.

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In addition to our standard range of colours, you can also choose a custom colour here. In this case, our lab will colour match the sample of your request. Decospan even has the necessary expertise in reactive stains, which gives the wood an aged look.  


You have several possibilities for post-processing the structure. A sealed or brushed structure emphasises the character of the floor, making the finish more intense. A scratched finish for a band saw effect or an aged look with hand scraped bevels or hammering creates a more rural character.

brushed wood - brushed wooden floor
bandsaw effect - bandsaw effect wood - bandsaw effect veneer
aging look wood - aging wood - aging veneer - worn look veneer

Finally, every floor is finished with durable parquet oil or varnish. Choosing varnish requires less maintenance and provides better long-term protection. Thanks to eight layers of UV-cured lacquer, your floor is easy to maintain and enjoys optimal protection against wear, scratches, and stains. 

Finishing with parquet oil provides a more natural look, beautiful patina and authentic appearance. Annual cleaning with a suitable intensive cleaner and applying maintenance oil is highly recommended to maintain the saturation and protect your floor.

When you opt for a custom floor, you also have the opportunity to choose the size of your planks yourself. The preferred plank size usually depends on the size of the space. For smaller areas, narrower and shorter planks are often preferred. If you have more space available, wider and longer planks tend to work better. The direction of the planks can also influence the end result.