At Decospan, we embrace the love for wood, evident in our extensive selection of wooden floors. Opting for a wooden floor is experiencing the timeless character and authentic charm of real wood, the cosy atmosphere it brings, and the warm feeling beneath your feet.

They fit seamlessly into any interior style, adding elegance and reflecting our commitment to sustainability. From high-quality veneer to solid hardwood parquet, our range is fortified by years of expertise and dedication from our R&D department.


Discover all the flooring brands Decospan has to offer, from high-quality engineered floors to solid hardwood parquet. Choose between a fully customisable floor or from an easy-to-choose collection: it's all up to you.

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Parky is a strong, durable, and budget-friendly engineered wood floor that combines the beauty and warmth of real wood with the strength and benefits of vinyl and laminate floors.
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With Cabbani you can design your dream floor: from pattern to colour, style and finishing, format, and even your floor core. High-quality, trendy floor designs made with respect for nature.
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Twelve carefully selected parquet floors that focus on what really matters: originating from 100% sustainable European forests, a 3-mm easy-maintenance top layer, and ideal for underfloor heating. Meet The Twelve.
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The Esco flooring range offers a comprehensive range of both engineered and solid oak wood floors, focusing on quality and impeccable craftsmanship. The entire production process stays in-house, from sawmill to manufacturing.

We offer multi-layer parquet or engineered wood floors: this is a more sustainable option as these floors are not made up of one solid plank of wood. Instead, they are comprised of two to three layers: only the top layer is hardwood, while the core is another wood-based product such as pine, plywood or a high-density fibreboard.

We offer engineered wood floors with a choice of different top layers, ranging from 0,6 to 5,5 mm. Opting for a wooden top layer of 0.6 mm indicates a choice for high-quality veneer parquet. Veneer parquet is available under our Parky and Cabbani brands.

An engineered floor with a minimal layer of 2,5 mm is called 'parquet'. These floors are available through our Cabbani, The Twelve and Esco brands with top layers ranging from 2,5 until 5,5 mm.

The underlying layers of engineered hardwood flooring are also wood-based products, including plywood, pine or HDF, which provides enhanced resistance to heavy loads. The advantage of the engineered floor lies in its stability in the face of temperature variations. Furthermore, they are more environmentally friendly as they only feature a wooden top layer, which also makes them more cost-effective compared to their solid counterparts.

Solid wood flooring is constructed entirely from one solid wooden plank and boasts a very long lifespan.  his durability is due to the fact that the wooden floor can be sanded multiple times. At Decospan, you can find solid wood flooring available through our Esco brand. 

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Discover the timeless elegance of our latest Versailles parquet from our Cabbani collection, a tribute to the classical beauty of French design. With the finest oak wood quality and inspired details from the Palace of Versailles, our handcrafted tiles bring a unique, luxurious ambiance to any space. These easy-to-install and maintain Versailles floor tiles offer durability and a variety of finishes and colours, ensuring the perfect style to complement your interior.

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