The possibilities with veneer are endless. Veneer wood is a versatile and sustainable material that effectively utilises tree trunks and minimises material waste. We apply veneer in various interior applications such as furniture panels, custom-made furniture, wall coverings and parquet flooring.​

​We provide a diverse range of brands to choose from. Each brand has its unique style and collection, ensuring a suitable fit for your project.​

Additionally, there is also the possibility to work on custom projects to meet the specific preferences of your clients. Our wood consultants are happy to provide advice in this regard.

The prefinished wood panels of Shinnoki offer a wide selection of solid and high-quality veneered panels for architects and cabinet makers. The finished veneer panels can be used to create pure and distinctive interiors and are easy to maintain. ​​

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Querkus is a collection of decorative oak veneered panels. Choose the colour, thickness, touch and adapt the oak look completely to your wishes.​

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Astrata is our decorative solution adding an extra touch to any room. With their veneered finish, our lightweight and easy-to-install slats and acoustic decorative panels are a creative alternative to create memorable spaces. ​

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Nordus offers veneered panels that plays into the trend towards a more Scandinavian and modernist interior design. ​

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Woodcoustics is designed for projects requiring precise acoustic outcomes. Our acoustic panel range ensures optimal performance and style, enabling you to enjoy silence without compromise. ​​

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Next to our assortment of furniture and wall brands, we also offer a range of wooden flooring brands. ​

Parky is a veneer flooring that combines the warmth and unique design of real wood with the advantages of laminate or vinyl. It is an easy-to-install and easy-to-maintain wooden floor.​

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​Cabbani is a high-quality, multi-layered parquet flooring based on European oak and contemporary architecture, creating a unique beauty in every interior. Create your dream floor with our "à la carte system": choose your favorite colour, pattern, size, style, and thickness to fully meet your desires. With our production in France, we guarantee quality with respect for nature.

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Thanks to The Twelve, choosing parquet from our trendy collection of 12 top floors is a breeze! Stunning parquet designs with planks sourced from 100% sustainable European forests and a 3 mm easy-to-maintain top layer. Moreover, the collection is highly suitable for underfloor heating. If you also have a great love for wood, choose your hero of The Twelve for your living room or bedroom.​

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For those interior designers who want their project to be a harmonious whole using our various brands, we have our total wood solutions.

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    Shinnoki, Parky & Cabbani Ivory Oak​
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    Shinnoki, Astrata & Parky Ivory Oak