Looking at how to integrate wood into an interior? We’re happy to guide you in your bespoke project. After all, using this wonderful natural material turns any interior into a beautiful and warm space. We’ll listen to your specific preferences, and a wood consultant will guide you throughout the entire selection process. They’ll take your personal tastes and proposed budget into account to help you get to an end result that fulfils all your expectations.  

Make an appointment in our inspiration centre to explore and experience our comprehensive range of solutions in person. You’ll be able to see large wood samples and actual finished applications such as tables, a kitchen, and wooden wall panels in real life.  

You can also rely on us to further finish your veneer panels. The high quality and care applied in all our projects is a testament to our know-how and expertise developed over several decades.  

Would you prefer custom-sized panels instead of standard panels? We offer an in-house sawing service – helpful when you need several identical pieces of a specific size. These are sawn and packaged in accordance with your preference, saving you a significant amount of time and money.  

As a supplier to the project market and the furniture industry, we can execute complex CNC operations. The custom-made panels are varnished based on the technical drawings you provide. Our machines can perform various operations on customised panels. Our expertise encompasses wooden floors, panelling systems, acoustic products, wall and ceiling panels, bevelled edges, furniture components, wooden beams and CNC operations. 

Our technical experts are happy to assist you with specific requests and will provide solutions for a quick and efficient project completion.

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