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As an architect, you are always challenged to design a space thoughtfully, functionally and aesthetically. This often involves finding the right balance between the client's expectations, your own creativity, the budget and the available materials. Our wood consultants are happy to guide you in the world of wood and are always ready for personal advice.

Wide choice of wood species

Decospan has permanently more than 150 different types of wood in stock in which you can, both in the catalogue, online and in one of the experience centers. To achieve the ultimate image that you have in mind, we can vary with slicing methods, joining techniques, surface structures and finishes.

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Branded wood solutions

In addition, Decospan developed a number of collections that creatively make veneer wood accessible to the public and simplify its specification. Of course there is a wide range of samples and marketing tools available.

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By going through different steps you will get a PDF with a clear product description. This allows you to efficiently request a quote from one of our distribution partners.

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