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Ann-Marie Debaveye, Wood Consultant bij Decospan

Ann-Marie Debaveye, Wood Consultant

Ann-Marie Debaveye is a true wood lover. After studying interior design, she can now fully indulge her passion for interiors at Decospan. Another fact? Her favourite Shinnoki is Stardust Walnut.

The expert

“An inspiring partnership starts with a visit to the Veneerhouse.”

The Veneerhouse in Menen is an undeniable source of inspiration for creative thinkers, designers and architects who appreciate the properties of wood. Ann-Marie Debaveye, Wood Consultant at Decospan, gives us a guided tour and crash course on ‘Understanding Veneer’.

What is the most common reason to visit the Veneerhouse?

Ann-Marie responds, “Often the start of a new project. When an architect visits the Veneerhouse, it’s always an enjoyable and inspiring start to a project. The customer often accompanies him or her in order to get a good idea about all of the different options available. My job is primarily to listen and present the various looks and possibilities.”

These possibilities start with the way in which the veneer is cut. The basic look is defined by the cutting or sawing method in combination with the type of wood.

‘Crown or quarter cut?’

Whether a veneer panel has a vibrant or, by contrast, highly rustic look, depends on the part of the log where the panel originates and how it is cut. Quarter cut wood originates from a log that is cut into quarters lengthwise. The result is a more subtle grain.

If the wood is ‘crown cut’, this means that the log is cut in half. Crown cut wood has stronger and more flamed grain pattern in which the growth rings are clearly visible.

The cutting or sawing method also affects how the sheets are jointed together afterwards. To create the character and look & feel of solid wood, both cutting methods can be combined within a single interior. We call this mix-matched. Of course, a wide range of mix-matched combinations are possible. 

Decospan: houtadvies van professionals voor professionals
“Trees don’t have defects, only character.”

What types of wood are most popular with customers and architects?

Ann-Marie explains, “Oak is an evergreen and will always be popular. American walnut is another classic wood that’s as timeless as it gets. Larch is a wood that has become increasingly trendy in recent years. A wood type that I personally find gorgeous with a unique type of beauty is core smoked eucalyptus. What makes it so unique is the combination of dark and light shades within a single grain pattern. Yaya Nero is also becoming more fashionable thanks to its exclusive black colour.”

Architects can also expect more than just advice, right?

Ann-Marie responds, “Absolutely. They can also take advantage of our Premium Service. This means that the architect can bring the customer with him or her and together they can choose the veneer that best fits the project and customer’s taste. There’s plenty to choose from in our gigantic range of 165 types of wood. We then simply reserve and process the log chosen by the customer. This way, he or she can be sure that the veneer will meet all expectations.” 

More about our project assistance

And what are your personal favourites?

Ann-Marie responds, “Personally, I’m a huge fan of larch. It’s an extremely pure, almost ‘rustic’ wood type with a unique, slightly yellow colour. The wood has a mother-of-pearl finish that I think is fabulous. And preferably brushed to create a truly unique and contrasting texture in which certain grains have that mother-of-pearl finish, while others do not.”

Decospan - Specifiek advies voor uw interieurprojecten
Make an appointment with Ann-Marie now and visit the veneerhouse.

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