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Art Deco interiors are currently all the rage

Art Deco has made a breakthrough as a major trend in interior design. However, where did this trend come from and how do you go about creating this style? 

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“L’Art déco : le style des Années folles”

Art Deco: the style of the ‘roaring twenties’

It has been said that we are set to witness a new Roaring Twenties. This certainly applies to interior design, where we see a clear return of Art Deco, the interior design and architecture style that so characterised the 1920s. Is it perhaps not a coincidence, then, that we are currently also living in the twenties of our century?

A yearning for symmetry

One thing is certain: contemporary interiors no longer need be sleek and minimalist. With the Art Deco trend, we see a return to a time of exuberant decoration and distinctive use of materials. Geometric motifs and symmetry are also characteristic of Art Deco interiors. This is said to have something to do with the peace of mind sought by people living through uncertain times. In any case, there is a desire for more, a touch more grandiose and more luxurious. Interior designers and interior decorators can really indulge themselves with this opulent trend. 

Thoughtful choices for a personal interior

To remain in keeping with the style, perfectly coordinate the colours and shapes of the interior and the arrangement of the furniture and other interior elements. With well-considered choices within a project, you can create a trendy yet timeless interior style that is fully in line with the personal wishes of the residents.

Art Deco statement with wood

You can for instance make a statement by selecting striking types of wood in the interior. Art Deco primarily features wood with warm, dark colours and a special wood grain. Rosewood Santos and Walnut burl are excellent examples, while Walnut Italian, Teak, and the reddish-brown African woods Sapele, Utile and Kosipo are also perfectly suited to an Art Deco-inspired interior style. 

Wood is completely at home in an art deco interior. Of course, you also use it for the floor. A herringbone parquet is ideal. If there is no old parquet, you can work with dark veneer that is given an aged look by staining and deep brushing.  


Playing with mirrors

Mirrored and shiny materials are very common in Art Deco interiors. These materials can thus be played with to create the right atmosphere. Opt, for example, for very shiny lacquered wood to create a mirror effect. The larger the surface, the more striking the result. This will ultimately lead to your own contemporary interpretation of Art Deco, also known as ‘Neo-Deco’.

Différence entre Art déco et Art nouveau

Votre degré de fidélité au style Art déco dépendra bien sûr des habitants. L’Art déco offre en tout cas de nombreuses possibilités, et reste étonnamment moderne. Attention toutefois à ne pas le confondre avec l’Art nouveau, un style d’architecture et de décoration antérieur. Avec ses lignes asymétriques et ondulées et ses motifs inspirés de la faune et de la flore, l’Art nouveau est bien plus chargé que l’Art déco. Il risque donc davantage de vous donner l’impression d’être revenu quelques siècles en arrière. Ce style fait néanmoins aussi son retour dans les intérieurs contemporains, mais en se limitant généralement à des éléments plus faciles à remplacer, comme les textiles et le petit mobilier. 

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