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Under the motto walk your talk or rather ride your talk, Decospan will have made its fleet considerably greener by the end of 2021. All – we repeat – all company vehicles will be hybrids. And with no fewer than 90 electric charging stations, Decospan’s entire infrastructure will also be getting an electric makeover. It represents a substantial investment with a clear goal. “We want to reduce our environmental footprint appreciably and play a pioneering role in this”, explains HR Director Evelien Vanden Brande. 

Putting emission reduction before tax advantage

We immediately put the obvious question to Evelien Vanden Brande: why hybrid and not fully electric? The HR Director admits: “We considered it thoroughly, and we very deliberately opted for a phased approach. The autonomous driving range of today’s electric vehicles and the public charging facilities are still too limited for our needs. A hybrid vehicle fleet is therefore the logical intermediate step for us.” What about the 100% tax deductibility of electric vehicles? “Although this advantage would be a nice bonus, our main objective is to minimise our CO2 emissions. Even if it means making substantial investments: we want to make a conscious statement.

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No excuse

With 90 vehicle charging stations, Decospan will be a true charging paradise. “So there really are no more excuses for driving unnecessarily on fossil fuels. Not for employees, not for customers, not for suppliers. A charged hybrid easily covers your commute to work,” explains Evelien. “For long distances you can switch to petrol without having to make annoying stops along the way to recharge. So we are choosing the best of both worlds.” 

Vancia Car Lease at (y)our service

To achieve this feat of greening, Decospan partnered with Guy Hannosette of Vancia Car Lease. “The government has ruled that the greening of company fleets must be fully completed by 2026. So, many companies are now starting to carry out studies on the subject of electric vehicles and exploring the possibilities here and there”, explains Annelies Veranneman from Vancia Car Lease. “What Decospan is doing is rather exceptional. We are delighted that a major player is taking the lead on this and paving the way, because Vancia Car Lease is already fully prepared for the upcoming green wave.”

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At Decospan – or should we be saying Ecospan now? – the commitment to sustainability is not limited to cars. The new bicycle policy also dovetails perfectly with Decospan’s eco-switch. HR Director Evelien Vanden Brande says: “Starting this year, every employee will be able to lease an electric bike or buy one at advantageous terms, and there will be plenty of plug-in bike shelters at our sites.” But is every employee on board with this greening programme? “Environmental stewardship is ingrained in our corporate culture. It starts with our product and we have been working consistently for years to make our company more sustainable. Our sustainability policy is therefore very widely supported. The impetus for sustainability may come from management, but it is the environmental awareness of our employees that makes change possible. It’s quite simply in our DNA.”

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