A new job every day

At Decospan each day brings a new challenge; for some employees you can take that quite literally. Diego Verschuere is a Decospan veteran with 25 years of service and a variety of tasks that comes quite close to the same figure. Thanks to his engagement and entrepreneurship, Diego has a fascinating job that cannot be summed up in just a couple of words. We joined Diego for a day and, in the end, we did find the right words: hats off!

Decospan Academy

“I have done a wide variety of jobs over the years, in lots of different departments”, Diego tells us. “So, I know the ins and outs at Decospan quite well. I am officially the R&D Manager, so I’m involved when it comes to developing new products. But thanks to my years of experience, I fulfil such a wide range of tasks that the job title no longer covers the load. For example, I am quite often give training now on wood processing and the various aspects of veneer production. To starting employees, to other departments and even to customers and suppliers.”

In other words, Diego is not only an R&D manager but also a one-man Decospan Academy.

Finger on the pulse

Diego's know-how is put to maximum use. Not only in Menen in the R&D department, but also at the production site in Hazebrouck just across the French border. “I work in Hazebrouck three days a week”, Diego explains. “My contribution there is completely different. I carry out random inspections on the incoming boards and veneer and perform quality checks on finished products: are the measurements correct, are the bores drilled correctly, does everything meet our quality requirements, ... You name it.” 

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In addition, Diego also helps monitor the production processes themselves: “In Hazebrouck, I organise a 30-minute production meeting every lunchtime, together with the production manager and the shift supervisors. That way, we always have our finger on the pulse and can quickly intervene if there are any problems.”

Thinking outside the box

In Hazebrouck, Diego is also part of the production team. “Since the Covid crisis, Decospan, like every company, has had to contend with unforeseen absences from time to time. At times like that, I like to step in where the need is greatest. In Hazebrouck, together with my colleague, I always ensure a constant supply of material to the various machines so that production can continue smoothly.” 

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Isn't this far removed from his job as R&D manager? Diego: “We don’t think in boxes at Decospan. We form a close-knit team with one common goal: making sure everything runs smoothly. If you think outside the box and show entrepreneurship, that is always greatly appreciated and rewarded at Decospan. In my case, that means an exciting, varied and challenging job.

Want to develop your talents?

Do you want to excel in what you do and is entrepreneurship in your blood? Decospan is the workplace where you can fully develop your talents!

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