Curves are hot, also in interior design!

‘Curves are beautiful’: a slogan not only befitting the ‘body positivity’ movement, but also an interior design trend that is currently very ‘hot’. A glance at the latest interior design magazines is enough to see that curves are the talk of the town. How do you respond to this trend as a designer or interior architect?

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“Curve appeal: soft and cosy”

Curve appeal: soft and cosy

Ever heard of the interior design trend 'Curve Appeal'? Round lines are a trendy must in interiors today. It has been clear for some time that it not everything needs to be straight, strict and austere. More and more people are opting for a more cosy, soft - or should we say 'feminine' - look. 

Curved furniture

You can incorporate curves into your interior in different ways. The easy approach - which can also quickly be undone later - is working with individual pieces of furniture with rounded silhouettes. Just imagine a large curved sofa, a round coffee table or an oval dining table. Accessories can also help you put the Curve Appeal trend into practice. A round carpet, a round mirror, lamp or planter, for example. You can even play with paint effects to bring the desired curves into your home.


Curves in architecture and interior design

If you can add structural elements, you may want to go for curves such as an arched door opening or passage. You can also use the trend as a mood-setter with curvy made-to-measure furniture or walls. If you then cover these with wood, you kill two birds with one stone. The curves in the interior refer to more organic, natural shapes. And natural elements are one of the other current interior design trends. By combining these two trends, they reinforce each other. 

Covering large surfaces with veneer

If, as a designer, you would like to cover large surfaces in the - curvy - interior with veneer, reconstructed veneer is a perfect solution for natural material that is endlessly available in even surfaces. Natural and good for nature, too. For example, in the new Infinite Wood collection by Decospan, you will even find various exotic looks that are nevertheless produced from local, sustainable wood species. 

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