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New York’s transform has specialised in custom made highquality furniture since 2005. This simple idea has become a success story and Shinnoki helped.

How to make optimal use of the space that you have? This question is of interest to every-one, but it is certainly pertinent in a city like New York, where living space is at a premium. When Andreas Messis launched transFORM 11 years ago along with his business partner Stuart Reisch, he decided to focus on this issue. He drew his inspiration not from the property sector, but from Broadway, where he had gained years of experience as a set designer. “My initial calling was to be an engineer, but I felt my creative drive was repressed too much there,” he relates. “When I started to study set design for the theatre a light went on. I realised how important and enriching it was to create a complete environment.”

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He took that insight into transFORM. The company does not simply sell furniture, but employs more than 25 designers to help customers design their living space in an intelligent way. Furniture with storage space, foldable beds, closets, workspaces, space for washing - everything is selected and made with the utmost precision. And with a feeling for style, as the customers set high standards. “New York is a melting pot of traditions,” Andreas explains. “That draws in different tastes and interests. So you have to be flexible, to identify what the customer wants and adapt constantly.”

He finds this flexibility in Shinnoki veneer. “Our customers are no longer interested in plastic,” Andreas notes. “Demand for veneer has risen sharply, with longer waiting times as a result. But Shinnoki is a finished product, which means we can deliver a custom product very quickly. Our customers are willing to pay for it. For them value counts more than the price.”

Andreas Messis

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