The division panels includes decorative sheet materials to be processed into furniture or interiors. The decorative veneer wood can be glued to a wooden support, paper backing, phenolic paper or multi-layer ply. Each product has specific properties that are explained below.

Wood type

We have a large stock of more than 150 wood types. This treasury allows you to make a choice that perfectly fits your project and personal taste. We are happy to assist you in this process. This catalogue offers an overview of all wood types available. Please find large images of each wood type on our website. Our online shop enables you to order samples of each wood type or a ‘veneer bible’ with the most frequently used wood types. Alternatively, please feel free to use our personal premium service. We are happy to host you in our inspiration centre, helping you select your personal choice of veneer. This means that you can be certain that the veneer is everything you anticipated it would be.

Wood species

Slicing techniques

Jointing techniques

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Determining the right quality is essential. Correct agreements ensures customer satisfaction. This is why we are happy to inform you about the various visual qualities of our jointed sheets. That enables you to make the best choice for any project, depending on the application and the budget.

This is the top quality. Exclusively well-structured, homogeneous logs of pure quality throughout the successive books of veneer wood are eligible for this range. The panels are numbered so that they can be used sequentially to ensure a flowing pattern within the panels of one pack.

This is the classic veneer quality that is more than adequate for any circumstances. Classic is based on veneer wood with a number of characteristics that are inherent to the wood and that are not detracting from the look and feel. The panels are not numbered, and the sequences are not as large and not guaranteed.

This commercial top product allows the panels more expression and a wilder structure, significantly different colour shades and knotting. The typical wood characteristics are in plain view. Sequences cannot be guaranteed, but this is undoubtedly more than compensated by the affordable price.

"Our in-house quality centre grades each veneer bundle. This allows us to guarantee a consistent level within each category."


The Decospan finishing station can add various finishings to the veneer product. There are three options: brushing, band sawing and ageing.

To add to the look and feel of the wood, Decospan can offer different surfacing options. The third dimension of wood can be highlighted even on 0.6 mm veneer. Due to continuous investments and technological developments, Decospan can offer different surface operations.

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Staining, varnishing and Oiling

The Decospan lacquering department guarantees a qualitative finishing of your products. You can count on our knowhow and flexibility for a flawless result. Decospan aims only products with the lowest environmental impact. We focus on a minimal emission of volatile organic compounds (VOC) and therefore are using only water-based stains, without harmful solvents. All varnishes are UV PU-ACR coatings without harmful emissions.

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Do you prefer cut to size panels to standard panels ? Then you can choose for our sawing service. This service is very useful when you need many identical pieces of a certain size. Based on your material list the ordered items are sawn as you requested and packed afterwards. This service lets our customers save a great deal of time and money./p>

Max. L×B = 5.720 × 3.200 mm
Min. L = 1.000 mm
Max. thickness setting = 100 mm
The maximum straightness tolerance is 2 mm

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Edge finishing

Panels that have been made or cut to size can also have edge banding applied, varying in thickness from 0.6 to 2,1 mm. You can choose the profiling of your edge banding, depending on the thickness of the edge banding (straight, chamfered, rounded). It’s also possible to put edge banding at rounded edges. The minimum radius depends on the thickness of the edge banding. A custom made panel can also be finished with a solid lipping. Normally we glue this list to the panel and then we put the veneer so there is no visual difference on the surface. Furthermore a massive list is far more sturdy than an edge banding and it can be profiled afterwards at your wish.

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As a supplier to the project market and the furniture industry we can execute complex cnc-operations. The custom made panels are finished to lacquer according to the technical drawings you handed to Decospan. With these machines we can perform various operations on these panels, based on your technical drawings.

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Peel off protective film

To protect the varnished panels during transport and manipulation in your workshop, you have the option of adding a protective film.

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