Wooden wall cladding makes it easy to integrate nature in a project. There is a wide range of options to apply a decorative veneer wall that you will enjoy for a very long time. Decospan offers many high-quality, decorative and affordable solutions. Our experts are happy to help you arrange the right product. Often, clients choose wood plank panelling, wooden beams or veneered tiles.

Wide selection of wood types

The look and feel of the wall cladding is determined by the technical aspects of the selected top layer. The combination of the wood type, slicing method and jointing technique has a major impact on the final look and feel of the wall cladding.

We have a large stock of more than 150 wood types. This treasury allows you to make a choice that perfectly fits your project and personal taste. We are happy to assist you in this process and help you make a selection

"Harmony between wall and ceiling creates calm."

The selected wood type is then processed into veneered planks, beams or tiles. In order to ensure uniformity of the full wall, we recommend mixing veneer of various logs in order to compile a consistent overall picture. This can be based on a mixed match with both crown cut and quarter cut, or a mix of crown cut only or quarter cut only. This will change the character of your wall.

The classic wooden panelling consists of tongue and groove planks assembled on the underlying structure. Decospan developed a unique profile to ensure invisible fixture of the planks using a nail gun or metal clips.

You can select your top layer and add extra brushing as required. The planks are available unfinished, ready-stained, varnished or oiled.

The size of the planks can be determined in consultation with one of our sales office representatives. We also have some standard dimensions available from stock in oak:

  • 3040x124x13 mm
  • 3040x166x13 mm
  • 3040x190x13 mm

We can design and manufacture wooden beams customised for your project to divide the space without fully enclosing any areas. This enables you to have an option of a spatial view while creating pleasant area definition. In addition to their aesthetic added value, the wooden beams are also a functional solution for spatial design.

The top layer and dimensions of the beams can be fully customised and you can add extra brushing if required. The beams are available unfinished, ready-stained, varnished or oiled.

We can develop veneered tiles to finish your ceiling. This factors in your technical, aesthetic and budgetary requirements.

You can determine the top layer and edge finish. The tiles can be edged or based on tongue and groove or other profiles. Also, the tiles are available with a brushed surface and we can finish them with stains, oil or varnish.

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The wall elements can be fitted with a jointing system, such as a classic tongue and groove or wood dowels. This will significantly aid assembly and installation. Additional CNC finishing is also available if you want U grooves or V grooves on the surface to reinforce the plank effect. These details are always first fully specified and calculated on a digital basis for full consultation with you. You will also receive the technical drawings.

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The top layer of your product is by default pre-sanded and can be finished with extra brushing at your request. Removing the soft summer wood reinforces the wood grain with an even more natural feel of the surface. Depending on the selected thickness of the wood veneer top layer, extra light or intense brushing can be added.

We also offer the option of giving the wall cladding an extra solid look and feel by applying a band saw effect. This method applies the saw cuts randomly across the wood grain for a traditional, rustic product look and feel.

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Staining, varnishing and oiling

Regarding staining and surface protection, the options are infinite. Our finishing centre offers the option of delivering the wall cladding as ready-made stained, varnished or oiled finished products. This way, the components need no further finishing and are ready to be installed.

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