Reconstituted veneer

How it’s made

Composite veneers are the result of a fascinating process in which the wood is enriched through a number of ingenious technologies.

Reconstituted veneer in hotel lobby
Infinite Wood moodboard
Cutting logs to veneer rolls


Rotary cutting

The logs of ayous, linde or poplar are rotary cut to produce the veneer. We do this by rotating the log around its axis. A knife is positioned against the log to peel off a thin layer of wood. During this process we also cut the correct width of the wood.

Fineer kleuren



Dyeing is an important part of the process when producing reconstituted veneer. The strips of veneer we described in step 1 are stained in the desired colour. The veneer strips are submerged in a bath of water at a specific temperature and with the required dye concentrate. The dyeing process uses 100% water-based dyes. No heavy metals or other toxic substances are used to manufacture the Look'likes collection.

Sheets of different coloured veneers mixed together


Composition of the pattern

The dyed veneer strips are mixed to produce the desired reconstituted wood species or design.

Gluing veneer strips



The pile of veneer is glued after stacking as a block. Glue is applied to each strip during this process. The glue also influences the final appearance of the product because we can also add staining components to it.

Pressing the blocks



The veneer block described in step 4 is now placed in a press. The press plates can be flat or have a certain shape. This also has an impact on the appearance. For example: using a wavy press plate can be used to obtain the appearance of a rotary veneer structure.

Cutting a block of veneer into logs



After gluing, the block is sawn to create a perfect rectangular 'log'. This 'log' is subsequently sanded and now ready for further processing into reconstituted veneer.

Cutting logs to veneer



This new block is cut into 0.6 mm veneer. This veneer forms the basis for our products.

Cast in the same mould

For our Infinite Wood collection, we work together with Alpi. It’s a logical choice because this Italian company has the same values as Decospan. Like us, Alpi is committed to creativity, design, quality and sustainability. Together, we form a strong duo. Two partners who are constantly looking for the right way for wood to feature in every environment.

This unique collaboration is bearing fruit. Our veneer specialists and the Alpi colour experts developed numerous lab samples together. They are at the heart of Infinite Wood, a beautiful collection that is balanced yet refined.

Alpi veneer panels

A versatile product

Infinite Wood is available in different product types, all of which bear an FSCRegistered Trademark label. The most common are veneered boards (MDF, chipboard, plywood, blockboard), but loose sheets are also possible (Decoply, Decoflex or Decolam). To be able to give each project a high-quality finish, we provide matching edge banding.

We also produce ready-to-use boards and veneer laminates that have already been industrially varnished. Our know-how and flexibility guarantee an impeccable result.

Infinite Wood offers endless possibilities and makes just about any design possible. Decospan products are the link between real wood, contemporary interior design and technical excellence.

infinite perfection

Make an appointment and experience Infinite Wood in real life.

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