What is wood veneer?

What is wood veneer?

Veneer is produced by slicing a log in thin layers with a blade. In contrast to solid wood, which is sawn, veneer makes optimal use of the log without any sawing loss.

Cutting a log can be done in various ways. Each way produces a different pattern, and can be cut to various thicknesses. The standard thickness is 0.6 mm. Most frequently used wood types are also available as a thick veneer.

Veneer retains the natural look and feel of real wood as well as its unique properties, showing authentic colour and pattern variations. To highlight the natural characteristics, we can further process and finish the veneer wood to the client’s personal taste. Veneer lives, gaining in expression throughout the years. This allows this genuine natural product to discern itself from imitations.

Wood veneer applications

Wood veneer is mainly used for interior decoration applications in many different segments. It's ideal for residential projects, hotel projects, offices and many more. In addition, veneer is also processed to create a variety of products such as veneer parquet, flexible veneer sheets, wood veneer boards, wood veneer wallpaper, etc. In other words, veneer can give any interior a unique look and feel.

Decospan wood veneer is available in more than 165 different standard wood species. You can consult them in our veneer bible.

Consult our veneer bible

"The colour of wood veneer is also influenced by light in the room."

Each veneer is unique

Every tree is different so every veneer product has a unique appearance. The same tree can never be found twice in nature. This also means that the colour and pattern can vary within the same wood species. After all, veneer is real wood and not an imitation like laminate or melamine. The latter are both imitations of wood on paper.

The colour of wood veneer is also influenced by light in the room and this can give the wood an even warmer feel. The numerous imitations of different wood types have made it difficult for the consumer to distinguish the real natural product from the imitations.

The wood structure which is unique for every piece of wood veneer, the colour which continues to enhance the appearance, the ability to repair and renovate are just some of the advantages that distinguish the real thing from the would-be products.

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Infinite Wood

Decospan provides wood solutions for interior construction. We have a wide range of brands, and for more complex projects, we find tailor-made solutions. But we also look to the future, spotting upcoming trends and constantly focusing on innovation. That way, we already have a solution for tomorrow's demand. That’s why we are introducing a completely new category to our range, alongside natural wood veneers: Infinite Wood.

Infinite Wood is veneer that transcends the inherent limitations of wood. All references are FSCRegistered Trademark certified, bring unprecedented perfection in pattern and colour, and can be scaled infinitely for very large projects.

Discover infinite perfection, with wood
Infinite Wood veneer

Wood species

Slicing techniques

Jointing techniques

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