Top layer of real wood veneer stained and UV protected with six layers of UV-lacquer, applied sequentially by means of a rolling technique and intermediate curing. Backing made of black MDF (thickness 12 mm) with a density of 730 kg/m³ (±30 kg/m³). Pressed on a black felt panel with 45% recycled PET fibre and a thickness of 9 mm.

The HPLT (High Pressure Low Temperature) press procedure used by Decospan guarantees the best quality for each panel. The process follows the DSI-method, ensuring complete saturation of the wood fibers and a significantly tight bond. The sawn slats are in turn glued to the felt panel and cured for 7 days to ensure a product of the best quality. No formaldehyde is added during the production process.

Stained with water-based colorants and protected with six layers ultra-low emitting acrylate urethane UV-cured varnish (99.5% solids), applied sequentially by means of a rolling technique and intermediate curing; matt finish (2 ±1).

The acoustic panels are packed per 2 (regardless of size) in a cardboard box and are packed per 13 boxes on a pallet.

Normal maintenance involves no more than removing dust with a soft, dry cloth. A slightly damp cloth can also be used, but avoid using too much water. Tough dirt can be removed using water and a mild cleaning agent or a detergent. Never use a cleaner based on acetone or ethyl butyl acetate without consulting Decospan, as these substances can leave marks that cannot be removed.

Installation instructions