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    19 January 2024
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A new year brings new resolutions and opportunities for growth and change. What does this mean for Decospan? This year, more than ever, we want to think alongside our customers and support them in  creating complete lifestyle solutions, through the world of wood veneer. We want to enable them to create a world full of favourite places: in nature, at home, in the office. 

Today’s world doesn’t always feel real. Technology has transformed the world, but it has taken the place of personal interactions. Instant gratification instead of rewarded patience. Throwaway culture instead of things made to last. At Decospan, we step away from this reality. Go back to the roots and use natural, warm and genuine products that maintain their quality over time. 

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This different reality is a world full of creativity and inspiration. A place to disconnect, to be yourself. But how can we actively work towards this vision? 

There are several important foundations required to create a world full of favourite places. We commit ourselves to… 

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A visual depicting the four pillars of the blog post

1 - Appreciating wood in our everyday lives 

A favourite place can be affected by low-quality products, and that’s why we set the bar so high for our own products and continuously invest in product optimisations. Our insatiable passion for wood and admiration for this natural resource won’t have us tolerate anything less. Not just any tree is suitable for wood veneer, so each and every sheet should be treated with the respect it deserves. The story of wood veneer and how it comes to fruition is a topic that lies close to the heart of Decospan, and one we wish to inform and educate our community on – how a massive tree trunk ends up being implemented in flooring or wall, ceiling, furniture and acoustic applications.  

2 - Establishing a strong corporate presence by honouring our heritage and our people 

As a family business first and foremost, we realise that the real value of our company lies in our people. Praising individuality and allowing team members to remain true to themselves, is the perfect recipe for a friendly and inviting working environment. Hard work is rewarded with recognition and appreciation, happiness is monitored through our ‘People Engagement Survey’, and there is room for personal growth and development, through various initiatives and Decofit activities.  

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3 - Committing to a sustainable future 

If we didn’t value our environment and the world we live in, there wouldn’t be any favourite places to create in the first place. We appreciate and respect the origins of our natural products. Wood is a natural resource, and the forest, the environment in which this beautiful material originates needs to be honoured and preserved. Sustainability within Decospan is driven by intuition and a genuine desire to improve our ecological footprint – read more about our sustainable actions here.  


4 - Building a community of wood enthusiasts 

Focusing on our customer-centricity, we aim to build long-term relationships and a close-knit community of fellow wood enthusiasts. By organising several events and activities to inform, educate and inspire this community, we wish to nurture their appreciation and admiration for this natural product – and at the same time unburden them by providing high-quality interior solutions and services.   

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Based on these elements and the values that Decospan embraces, the right building blocks are set into place to start working on this improved world, this different kind of reality. Curious to see how it all plays out? Join us on this journey to create a world full of favourite places. 

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