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    10 November 2021
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Building in wood is good for nature. Come again? Yes, that statement might seem to contradict itself but here at Decospan it makes perfect sense. That's because our absolute passion for wood goes hand-in-hand with an infinite respect for nature. If you choose our wood solutions, then you can rest assured that you're not damaging nature in any way – on the contrary, you'll actually be reducing CO2 emissions!

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Almost all the wood used by Decospan carries the FSC® or the PEFC® label.* This certifies that is has been selectively felled in a sustainably managed forest by a recognised organisation, who also guarantee systematic natural replanting. These forests are closely monitored and are also protected against deforestation for other purposes, including agriculture and construction. To put it another way, if you support this approach, then you're acting as a forest ranger. Feels good, doesn't it?

*Any wood that doesn't meet this label's standards is sent exclusively to suppliers who have signed up to support our Pure Wood charter.

Trees act as the planet's lungs, inhaling CO2 and exhaling oxygen (in their own way, of course). The sequestered CO2 then remains within the wood for the lifetime of the tree and is only released back into the atmosphere if the wood is burned. In other words, if you choose Decospan for your project, you are not only providing the sequestered CO2 with a useful final purpose as a sustainable wood product, but also guaranteeing that the planet's green lungs are replenished through the systematic planting of new trees.

Cutting wood for veneer has one significant advantage over simply sawing wood: the cutting process creates very little sawdust. This means that one trunk produces up to 40 times more surface area (!) than solid wood that has been sawn. Each entire log is cut into layers using an ingenious system that combines the beauty of wood with sustainable use of resources. "The Decospan policy is to get the most out of people" and the same goes for wood. As it says on the wall of our showroom, "Trees don’t have defects, only character" – and that's why we use every last bit of them.

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In and amongst the huge variety of construction materials, there's one that has always been around. Wood was here millennia ago at the dawn of our civilisation and it is still one of the construction market's most relevant products. Why? Because it takes far less time to harvest, transport and process it than any of its competitors. The impact and energy cost of wood as a construction material are relatively low, from start to finish, making it a sustainable and attractive product to use, including for the construction industry itself. (Not to mention its intrinsic insulating properties.)

Using raw materials sustainably is in our genes and we take this very seriously. How seriously? Well, here at Decospan you get to choose the trunk that you want us to work on for you. We offer excellent aesthetic advice tailored to individual requirements so that we can support architects and customers to achieve the perfect end result. Decospan consciously applies the first time right principle; not only by aiming to deliver top service, but also from respect for the beauty that our forests create.

We are wood lovers. Literally.

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veneer production - Decospan production - floor production - Decospan - veneer