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Shinnoki - ready-to-use panels - dark office walls - office interior - wood walls - dark wood wall - office
People come to see a notary for serious matters, which requires a formal setting, and that is exactly what you will find in the interior of Calliauw notary's office. The dark wood finishing makes the atmosphere warm and inviting.

Calliauw notary's office in Mariakerke was completely redesigned by Coordinated's project team. MC Interieur took care of the actual implementation. Together, they succeeded in perfectly coordinating the entire interior. The abundant use of wood is quite striking. From floors, furniture and walls to the ceiling with beautifully integrated lighting: wood is everywhere as a finishing material.

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Mariakerke Calliauw - Shinnoki - wood wall - wood for walls - Smoked Walnut
Calliauw notarys office in Mariakerke
Mariakerke Calliauw - Shinnoki - slats
Calliauw notarys office in Mariakerke
Mariakerke Calliauw - Shinnoki - slats
Calliauw notarys office in Mariakerke
Mariakerke Calliauw - Shinnoki - veneered wall panels - wall panels - wall coverings
Calliauw notarys office in Mariakerke

The darker shades of the veneer used in the Shinnoki collection give the room an extra touch of elegance, which is very appropriate in this business environment. Add to this the high-quality designer fittings in the equally classy furnished courtyard, the clever details such as the alcoves with slatted walls or the special tiles in the toilet area, and you have a notary's office to be proud of. This is a place where you can work and receive clients in style.

  • Shinnoki - smoked walnut - office wood wall - wood panels - prefinished wood panels - office - office hall
  • Shinnoki - wood office - slats - wood for office - slats office

The ready-made veneer panels from the Shinnoki collection were ideal for bringing the desired visual unity to the entire office space. For a more exciting wood pattern, they were jointed using the mixmatch technique. This involves randomly joining the veneer strips together to create more variation in colour and texture. 

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Stardust Walnut
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Smoked Walnut