• collection
    Parky, Shinnoki, Cabbani
  • location
  • sector
  • architect
    Kragt Eindhoven
  • installer
    LOVD interieur Decospan
  • application
    Wall, Parquet, Furniture
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Ivory Oak has recently taken over the Interfood office building. Three brands of Decospan have given a facelift to the building with one colour in a business-like style, but with a soft character.

Interfoods office was given a complete makeover. In a period of two years, they have grown massively and therefore needed to expand. The architects breathed new life into the existing building and connected it to a new building. All rooms are fully decorated with design furniture and mood lighting in combination with veneers from here.

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In this project, they used the brands ShinnokiParky and Cabbani, all in the colour Ivory Oak. These materials were used on the walls, floors and ceilings. They kept the business style and combined it with the natural aspects of the wood.

  • veneer - veneer panels - prefinished wood panels - wooden panels - Shinnoki - Cabbani - Parky
  • oak - reception - wood reception - wooden reception - oak reception - Shinnoki - Parky - Cabbani
  • Oak - Oak meeting room - meeting room - Shinnoki - Cabbani - veneer floor - veneer - parquet - oak parquet - Parky

Because we make everything in-house, we can very easily coordinate the different types of veneer. This way, the floor, wall and ceiling elements form a harmonious whole and a homogeneous end result.

Are you curious about what other combinations are possible? Please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help you in your search for veneers. 

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Wood interior - wooden cabinets - Shinnoki - Parky - Cabbani
Veneer - veneer kitchens - oak - Shinnoki - Cabbani - Parky - panels - wood panels

Discover which materials were used in this project. 

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Ivory Oak