• collection
  • location
    Sesto Calende
  • sector
  • architect
    Jacqueline Colombo
  • installer
    Par-ky Italia
  • photographer
    Ph. Ezio Prandini
  • application
Parky - veneer floor - veneer - Walnut - smoked walnut - smoked walnut herringbone
Customers visiting this gorgeous cosmetics boutique in northern Italy instantly feel pampered by the luxurious ambience that greets them. The dark wood of the flooring adds to the warmth and welcome of the boutique’s image. Ciao bella!

Customers visiting cosmetic shops enjoy feeling like they are being treated and indulged. And this Italian shop is no different. The dark veneer flooring with cascading shades of brown creates an aesthetic, warm contrast to the bright lights throughout the boutique.

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Parky - smoked walnut - smoked walnut herringbone - parky floor - veneer floor - wood floor
Cosmetics boutique in northern Italy
Parky - veneer - veneer floor - wooden floor - herringbone floor - walnut - walnut floor
Cosmetics boutique in northern Italy
Parky - smoked walnut - herringbone floor - wooden floor - veneer floor - veneer
Cosmetics boutique in northern Italy
Parky - Smoked Walnut - Walnut veneer - veneer floor - parquet - veneer - walnut
Cosmetics boutique in northern Italy

Wooden floors in herringbone are back in style, and this example makes it clear why. Traditionally, herringbone parquet has mainly been the preserve of stately mansions; in the meantime, this laying pattern has shown itself to be an excellent match for nearly every residential or commercial space. It gives interiors instant class and elegance.

By all counts, the architect and builders have done an excellent job. They used a Parky floor in Smoked Walnut. Parky is a multilayer parquet, just as easy to install and maintain as laminate, but with a real wood top layer. And that makes every board unique.

A hard-wearing finish is essential for retail spaces where customers trek in and out all day long. Fortunately, that’s something the ironclad Parky floors can handle with ease. Scratch- and waterproof, these floors can take a beating.

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