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    22 September 2022
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OBSCURE - Carina Riezebos
In the latest interiors project OBSCURE, designer Carina Riezebos draws inspiration from the technique of chiaroscuro. Blok by Carina aims to use innovative design to highlight the diversity of the board material to the outside world, creating the OBSCURE collection to inspire design professionals. She has created eight unique pieces and integrated them into her interior, producing a striking contrast between light and dark by matching the latest materials like black burned oak veneer with white marbled board and accenting them with mouth-blown jewels for the home.

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OBSCURE - carina riezebos

Chiaroscuro is by no means a recent inspiration for Riezebos. A cardboard pinhole camera that she received as a present on her eighth birthday triggered a fascination that has lasted since childhood. The technique is used in painting, photography and film to highlight people or things by contrasting light and dark. In Obscure, the art director at Blok Plaatmateriaal has displayed the wealth of opportunities of the decorative and constructive materials.

Her interior, where black plays a starring role as the bearer of light, uses the playful contrast between light and dark to draw visitors into a mysterious world that is even more beautiful, attractive and dramatic than reality.

A world where Blok by Carina creates immense indirectly lit semi-circular and square room dividers from a range of veneers, including the mellow Yaya and the more distinctive Eucalyptus. This interior is the perfect setting for the natural dark wood tints from the Decospan collection. The background with wafer-thin grooves in Shinokki walnut veneer underlines the streamlined architectural repetition in the interior and creates a calmer atmosphere with a striking interplay of shadows.

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OBSCURE - Carina Riezebos
OBSCURE - Carina Riezebos

Completely on trend, Riezebos has used the deep black burned oak board as flooring, with CNC machined organic shapes surrounding long-pile carpet growing through like grass. The interior also features round clay-coloured flooring with organic CNC machined gaps and a black upholstered couch with a frame made of unique veneer and a back made of burned oak board.

Tray is a modern version of a timeless item created from a variety of veneered platters and dishes, which fit together to create the whole. Carina Riezebos came up with a design to demonstrate how easy it is to create small items with veneer. The circular and oval shapes are equally at home in classic and modern interiors. Tray has the appearance of natural wood, alternating walnut veneer with Yaya and Swamp Oak. The matching mouth-blown Bohemian crystal vase has a black smoky tint that graduates into transparent glass.

Carina Riezebos blends mouth-blown glass with dark veneer to create the Nindoodem – a coffee table that is right on trend. Imbuia veneer, also known as Brazilian walnut, was the perfect choice for this piece of furniture. Nature provides the structure and colour and the designer highlights these aspects in the finished design.