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    01 February 2022
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infinite wood
Civil engineer and architect Elise Kerckhof is the manager of the design bureau Twee Twaalf together with Bart Tyberghien and Birger Wyffels. She welcomes us in the imposing carriage room of a mansion built in 1881.

Kortrijk, a pleasant family city in a region known for design, is only a fifteen-minute drive from Decospan and has a lot of these authentic buildings. In this city, old and new come together. That also applies to Twee Twaalf - the youngest architect in the team can call on the knowledge of colleagues with no less than 30 years of experience.

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“We don’t speak of a generation gap; we call it a generation opportunity,” says Elise Kerckhof. “As a manager, I am right in the middle of it. I am proud of our dynamic team spirit. Twee Twaalf is a broadly oriented firm. We do projects from carcass to completion, from private homes to public buildings. But no matter how diverse our playing field may seem, our vision always remains the same. We always look for qualitative and economical solutions, as well as for refined and original concepts. Each project is given its own identity. We want to combine captivating, architectural façades with practical and atmospheric interiors.”

Twee Twaalf almost always uses wood for those interiors. Elise Kerckhof explains why: “It’s a versatile material that offers the warmth we are looking for. When Decospan showed us Infinite Wood, we were wildly enthusiastic. This collection opens completely new doors. Its aesthetics are good; there is a very recognisable wood pattern and a balanced colour palette. We always find what we’re looking for.

The collection helps us give our projects the desired atmosphere. This is possible because all the individual components are coherent in terms of look and feel without compromising on character. The most innovative aspect for us, however, is that this material is infinitely available, without harming nature.”

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